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Red Flags of Mistreatment in Nursing homes
Having a loved one who is undergoing mistreatment in a nursing home can be so daunting. You preferred the nursing home to avoid your loved one being on their own and to find them love and attention, but they are facing neglect, abuse and mistreatment. These people may endure the mistreatment because they are afraid to speak up and they can’t defend themselves. This will affect their lives and make them miserable. This is a serious matter that you shouldn’t ignore as they need help from you. Should you notice any indications of such mistreatment, it’s time you do what’s right and save your loved ones. Such abuse may include physical, healthcare fraud, confinement, emotional, sexual and abandonment and neglect. Read more here to learn about the warnings of such abuse.
Physical and emotional changes are often the major signs that are noticeable. You should get to observe how your loved ones are acting and looking. If your loved ones don’t talk like they use to, not active, have withdrawn from the things they use to love more, it’s a sign that they are suffering. If they are agitated, fearful, frustrated, moody, have less appetite and have lost weight, they are probably facing emotional abuse. Physical abuse or neglect can be shown by skin tears or unexplained bruises in various parts of the body.
When you find your loved ones dehydrated, you know that they are neglected in the nursing home. It’s possible that they are being mistreated through food and drinks denial and thus they will present with malnourished and dehydration. The nursing home may be understaffed and thus the loved ones won’t have the care you are paying for. It’s important that you check the status of the place when you visit and if it’s chaotic and also if the staff coordinate in their activities. Get to learn more as possible concerning how the staff treat the residents and whether they share time together even during mealtime. You should get to know also if important information is lost anytime at any point in the nursing home. You will know more if the place is run well or not by following up many things.
If the staff in the nursing home don’t want to answer your questions or keep deflecting, you will know that there is a problem. The staff should be enthusiastic to talk to you about your loved ones freely and honestly. It will raise a red flag if your discover more that the staff are trying to hide information about your loved ones. If your loved ones tell you of how much the hate a staff member, you should worry more about abuse. Get to know more on this topic and help your people.